3Pcs Power Washer Connector 1/2″ Brand Total – THWS030301

Tk. 500

4in1 High Pressure Car Washing Machine with Vacuum Cleaner

Tk. 8,000

5Pc Washer Spray Nozzles Set coupler connector

Tk. 750

Air Impact Wrench- 1/2″ Drive 550Nm Yato YT-09511

Tk. 6,500

Air Impact Wrench- 1/2″ Drive 850Nm Yato YT-09525

Tk. 8,500

Air Impact Wrench- 3/4″ Drive 1300Nm Yato YT-09564

Tk. 18,000

Benyu BY7002 Air Blower/Vacuum Cleaner – 800 Watt

Tk. 2,750

Brass Adapter (Quick Release Coupling) M14 to 1/4 inch for Foam Bottle and Spray Nozzle Mini

Tk. 500

Car Chassis Washer ( 4 Spray Nozzle )

Tk. 4,000

Car Washer Foam Bottle High Pressure lance

Tk. 1,340

Car Washer Foam Tank SS Body- 80Litre

Tk. 15,000

Car Washer Gun with Foam Bottle

Tk. 2,500

Car Washing Foam Tank MS Iron Body-80Litre

Tk. 8,500

Crown 1400W High Pressure Washer 100Bar CT42020

Tk. 7,360

Crown 1800W High Pressure Washer 140Bar CT42022

Tk. 9,890

Crown 2000W High Pressure Washer 150Bar CT42024

Tk. 12,190

Daewoo High Power Washer ( 3KW 3600PSI 250BAR )

Tk. 38,000

Daewoo High Pressure Washer 3KW 3600PSI/250 Bar SS Top

Tk. 40,000

Daewoo High Pressure Washer 4KW 4000PSI/280 Bar SS Top

Tk. 55,000

Daewoo High Pressure Washer 5.5KW 4500PSI/310 Bar SS Top Cover

Tk. 68,500

Daewoo Petrol Pressure Jet Washer – 7.0 HP Engine

Tk. 38,500

Folding Engine Crane 1Ton Capacity

Tk. 24,000

High Power Pressure Washer 2.2KW CC-2100 220V Auto Stop

Tk. 22,500

High Power Pressure Washer 3KW CC-2500 220V (Auto Stop)

Tk. 38,000

High Power Pressure Washer 4KW CC-3600, 220V

Tk. 55,000

High Power Pressure Washer 5.5 KW CC-3600 380V

Tk. 55,000

High Power Pressure Washer 7.5KW CC-3600 380V

Tk. 78,999

High Pressure Long Gun with 4 Mini Spray Nozzles

Tk. 1,999

High Pressure Spray Gun

Tk. 1,000

High Pressure Washer 1.8KW Black Small

Tk. 6,250

High Pressure Washer 1400W Brand INGCO

Tk. 8,250

High Pressure Washer 2000W Brand INGCO

Tk. 15,750

High Pressure Washer 3000W Commercial Use Brand INGCO

Tk. 52,500

High Pressure Washer 6L 1800W Brand INGCO – HPWR18008

Tk. 9,199

High Pressure Washer Machine 1200W Dongcheng Model (Q1W-FF-5.5/7)

Tk. 8,999

High Pressure Washer Machine 1600W Dongcheng Model (Q1W-FF-5.5/10)

Tk. 8,699

HPW163-G WORKSITE Gun sets for Pressure Washer

Tk. 2,000

INDUSTRIAL Vacuum Cleaner- 80Litre- Model: BJ141-80L

Tk. 32,500

Ingco 2 In 1 – Vacuum Cleaner And Aspirator Blower – 800W

Tk. 3,200

Lithium-Lon Vacuum Cleaner With Battery & Charger Brand Ingco – CVL12001

Tk. 6,500

Lithium-Lon Vacuum Cleaner With Battery & Charger Brand Total – TVLI2001

Tk. 5,800

Lithium-Lon Vacuum Cleaner Without Battery & Charger Brand Total – TVLI2001

Tk. 3,500

Power Washer ( 2.2KW 2500PSI 250BAR ) DAEWOO BRAND

Tk. 28,000

Power Washer CC-290 (220V)

Tk. 14,500

Power Washer CC-490 (220V)

Tk. 10,000

Power Washer Extension Pipe without front coupler, SS pipe

Tk. 400

Power Washer Gun-Long Black & Blue 2 Models

Tk. 1,600Tk. 2,000

Power Washer Gun-Long HEAVY DUTY

Tk. 4,000

Power Washer Model- CC-310

Tk. 11,000

Power Washer Small 501 Daewoo

Tk. 9,500

Pressure Car Washer Spray Extension 1/4” 37cm 45Degree

Tk. 840

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Brand Total TVCRG30261

Tk. 13,500

Tornado High Pressure Cleaning Washer Gun

Tk. 2,000

Vacuum Cleaner 12L 800W Wet & Dry INGCO

Tk. 6,500

Vacuum Cleaner 2000W Brand INGCO

Tk. 7,350

Vacuum Cleaner 30L 1400W Brand INGCO

Tk. 11,500

Vacuum Cleaner 30L DONGCHENG 1200W

Tk. 11,000

Vacuum Cleaner 30Litre ( Wet & Dry ) 2000w Brand – Winner

Tk. 7,500

Vacuum Cleaner 30Litre ( Wet & Dry ) Brand SIPPON China

Tk. 9,500

Vacuum Cleaner Accessory

Tk. 750