Packaging Seal Machine

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Auto Continuous Horizontal Sealer MS Body

Tk. 15,500

Auto Continuous Horizontal Sealer SS Body

Tk. 20,000

Auto Continuous Vertical Sealer SS Body

Tk. 26,000

Automatic Date Coding Machine

Tk. 22,000

Automatic Induction Foil Sealing Machine – LX6000

Tk. 90,000

Bag Sealing Machine for Grocery Store and Super Market

Tk. 700

Cup Sealing Machine – Manual for Juice and Liquid

(1)Tk. 9,500

Date Coding Machine (Manual) 4 Line

Tk. 6,000

Date Coding Machine Automatic MY-380F

Tk. 47,500

Desktop Pad Printer for Date Printing

Hand Sealer 12″ PFS-300

Tk. 2,300

Hand Sealer 16″ PFS-400

Tk. 3,700

Hand Sealer for Plastic Bag Sealing Machine 8″inch to 40″ inch

Tk. 2,000Tk. 15,200

House Hold Vacuum Packaging Machine

(1) Tk. 8,500

Nitrogen Sealer for Packaging

Tk. 47,500

Pedal / Foot Sealer for Sealing Made in China

Tk. 14,500Tk. 19,000

Plastic Cling Wrapping Machine

Tk. 12,500

Portable Induction Sealer (Capping Foil Sealing) Machine

Tk. 12,500Tk. 18,500

Revo Bag Closer Machine

Tk. 16,800

Vacuum Packaging Machine Industrial Use Model-DDZP260

(2)Tk. 65,000