Body Temperature Gun- For Measuring Temp of Forehead

Tk. 2,740

Electric Spray Gun MAKUTE 80W

Tk. 2,299

Fogger Machine Bundle Offer – Fogger Machine + Chemical + Butane Gas Bottle

Tk. 10,850 Per Bundle

Fogger Machine Liquid Chemical 5litre – Standard Quality

Tk. 1,500

Fogger Machine MS-5000 Made in Korea

Tk. 10,500

Fogger Machine- Mosquito Killing BF-150 SS Made in Korea, Brand: Best Fogger

Tk. 48,500

Fogger Machine- Mosquito Killing TH-112 Made in Korea

Tk. 9,500

Fogger Oil Machine Liquid Chemical 1litre – Good Quality

Tk. 400

Fogger Oil Machine Liquid Chemical 1litre – Standard Quality

Tk. 300

Fogger Oil Machine Liquid Chemical 5litre – Good Quality

Tk. 2,000

FRONTIER GRIT Yellow face Mask FFSP1 grade

Tk. 700 for 5 Pcs (Tk 140 Each)

Infrared Thermometer Brand Total – THIT010381

Tk. 2,500

KN95 Mask White color 5layer

Tk. 750 for 10Pcs ( Each Tk.100)

KN95 Mask with Filter

Tk. 740 For 10Pcs (Each Tk 74 Only)

Mosquito Fogger Machine Spare Coil

Tk. 2,800

Portable Disinfecting Fogger

Tk. 19,999

Portable Disinfecting Fogger (Three Nozzle)

Tk. 25,000

PPE Full Set with Mask, Face Shield

Tk. 700

Pulse Oximeter Brand: JUMPER

Tk. 3,000

Quick Electric Disinfection Fogger Liquid 100ml

Tk. 400

Quick Electric Disinfection Fogger Machine

Tk. 4,600

Sun/Moon Butane Gas Bottle

Tk. 180 Per Can

Typhoon ULV Cold Fogger (Fogging Machine)