Jigsaw Machine Price In Bangladesh

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400W Jig Saw Machine Brand INGCO – JS400285

Tk. 2,500

5 units Classic HCS Blades for Jigsaw Metabo 23646

Tk. 675

Black & Decker Single Speed Jigsaw 400W KS501K

Tk. 3,500

Black & Decker Variable Speed Jigsaw 520W KS701EK

Tk. 4,800

Crown 65mm Jigsaw 500W 3000SPM CT15080

Tk. 3,465

Crown 65mm Jigsaw 550W 3000SPM CT15212

Tk. 3,710

Crown 85mm Jigsaw 710W 3000SPM CT15078/CT15189

Tk. 6,325

Electric Jigsaw- China

Tk. 2,800

Electric Router1850W Model: 3912BS Brand Ken

Tk. 9,417

Jig Saw Machine 100mm 800W Brand INGCO – JS80028

Tk. 4,800

Jig Saw Machine 65mm 570W Brand INGCO – JS57028

Tk. 3,200

Jig Saw Machine 65mm 600W Dongcheng Model (DMQ-65)

Tk. 5,880

Jig Saw Machine 65mm 600W Dongcheng Model (DMQ-65K)

Tk. 5,985

Jig Saw Machine 80mm 650W Brand INGCO – JS6508

Tk. 4,125

Jig Saw Machine 85mm 580W Dongcheng Model (DMQ-85)

Tk. 7,607

JigSaw 500W Brand Ken Model: 1260E

Tk. 6,189

Jigsaw For Wood Cutting-TOTAL 650W – TS206806

Tk. 4,200

Jigsaw Machine 570W Brand – TOTAL (TS206656)

Tk. 3,600


Tk. 1,750