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1 Pocket Safety Reflective Jacket / Vest

Tk. 180

1000pcs/box Staple Pin Brand INGCO – STS0110

Tk. 80

160 Degrees 24″ Wide-Angle Convex Traffic Mirror

Tk. 8,500

4 Pocket Safety Reflective Jacket/Vest

Tk. 280

ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher 1KG

Tk. 1,100

ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher 3KG

Tk. 1,600

ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher 5KG

Tk. 2,000

Alarm Bell-Red Electric

Tk. 1,000

Alvis T-28 25mm Lock Tala

Tk. 37

Alvis T-28 35mm Lock Tala

Tk. 63

Alvis T-28 45mm Lock Tala

Tk. 76

Alvis T-28 50mm Lock Tala

Tk. 95

Anas Auto 65mm Lock Tala

Tk. 239

Anas Big 67mm Lock Tala

Tk. 236

Anas Premium 70mm Lock Tala

Tk. 389

Apple Toe Steel Sole Safety Shoes

Tk. 700

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Brand Total – TSP9306

Tk. 2,350

Benjo Super 50mm Lock Tala

Tk. 110

Blue Leather Welding Apron

Tk. 350

Body Scanner for Metal Scanning, Brand: Super Scanner

Tk. 1,200

Brass Block Padlock 80mm Brand Total – TLK32803

Tk. 1,386

Car Fire Extinguisher

Tk. 890

CAT Safety Steel Toe Shoes

Tk. 1,850

Caution Tape

Tk. 90

CO2 Fire Extinguisher 2KG

Tk. 2,800

CO2 Fire Extinguisher 3KG

Tk. 3,200

CO2 Fire Extinguisher 5KG

Tk. 4,000

Comfort Safety Belt Harness Half Body Light

Tk. 450

Comfort Safety Belt Harness Half Body Light

Tk. 495

Comfort Safety Belt Harness Half Body Medium

Tk. 695

Comfort Safety Belt Harness Half Body Taiwan

Tk. 1,150

Comfort Safety Gum Boot Waterproof Steel Toe

Tk. 880

Comfort Safety Helmet Heavy

Tk. 465

Comfort Safety Reflective Jacket Heavy with Pockets

Tk. 375

Comfort Safety Reflective Jacket Medium

Tk. 265

Comfort Safety Shoe Steel Toe Shoes Light Sole

Tk. 1,130

Comfort Safety Shoe Steel Toe Steel Sole Shoes

Tk. 1,850

Comfort Safety Shoe Steel Toe Steel Sole Shoes

Tk. 1,150

Comfort Safety Shoe Steel Toe Steel Sole Shoes

Tk. 3,500

Cotton Hand Gloves

Tk. 15

Cotton Hand Gloves Dotted

Tk. 30

Cotton Roll

Tk. 15

Cotton Roll Big size

Tk. 90

Disposable coverall PPE 3M Brand Original

Tk. 1,450

Emergency Exit Light- Rechargeable

Tk. 450

Emergency Fog Light Rechargeable

Tk. 1,500

Fabric Carrying Trolley – HFCTM-201

Tk. 13,500 per pc

Face Shield With Impact Resistant Visor Brand Total – TSP610

Tk. 560

Fire Ball AFO

Tk. 870

Fire Blanket- 3Feet x 6Feet

Tk. 1,000

Fire Blanket- 4Feet x 6Feet

Tk. 1,400

Fire Blanket- 6Feet x 6Feet

Tk. 1,900

Fire Bucket-Steel

Tk. 150

Fire Door – HFDM-201

Tk. 58,750 per pc

Fire Hose Pipe For Fire Safety

Tk. 16,000 Feet

Fire Hose Reel Box

Tk. 1,700

Fire Hose Reel Box-Imported

Tk. 10,500

FRONTIER GRIT Yellow face Mask FFSP1 grade

Tk. 700 for 5 Pcs (Tk 140 Each)

Garments Cutting Input Trolley – HCITM-201

Tk. 8,375 per pc

Garments Fabric Cutting Table – HFCTM-201

Tk. 18,750 per pc