Scaffolding and Parts Price

HT Base Plate

Tk. 130

HT Bottom out rigger

Tk. 6,000

HT Cat walk board / Scaffold Deck

Tk. 3,400

HT Construction Scaffold Portable

Tk. 7,500

HT Frame Scaffold Top Guard Railing

Tk. 6,000

HT Frame Scaffolding Set

Tk. 12,500

HT Frame Scaffolding working Platform

Tk. 1,300

HT Girder Clamp

Tk. 560

HT Industrial Wagon four Wheeler

Tk. 30,000

HT Internal Joint Pin

Tk. 200

HT Joint Pin

HT Non sleepers Metal Plank board

Tk. 2,000

HT Non sleepers Metal Plank board

Tk. 1,800

HT Right angle Coupler /Fixed Clamp

Tk. 250

HT Scaffold Inspection Tag with Holder

Tk. 350

HT Scaffold Monkey Ladder

Tk. 2,600

HT Scaffoldig Tube Safety Cap

Tk. 25

HT Screw Jack Base Plate (Adjustable)

Tk. 850

HT Sleeve Coupler

Tk. 400

HT U Head (Adjustable)

Tk. 520

HT Wheel with Lock System

Tk. 1,250

Scaffolding Iron Clamps- Moving & Fixed- Red Color

Tk. 200

Scaffolding Pressed Clamps- Moving & Fixed, Golden Color

Tk. 170