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10T x 5/10M Chain Block/Pulley (Vital Brand)

Tk. 26,813Tk. 41,250

1Ton x 3/5Mtr Chain Block/Pulley (Vital Brand)

Tk. 4,538Tk. 4,950

1Tx10M Electric Chain Hoist Block Four way

Tk. 125,000

1Tx10M Electric Chain Hoist Block Two Way

Tk. 85,000

2T x 3/5M Chain Block / Pulley (Vital Japan)

Tk. 6,738Tk. 7,425

2Tonx5Mtr Chain Block/Pulley (Vital Brand)

Tk. 6,750

2Tx10M Electric Chain Hoist Block- Up & Down

Tk. 95,000

300kg Metal Platform Trolley For Lifting Heavy Weight

Tk. 5,399

3Ton x 3/5/10Mtr Chain Block/Pulley (Vital Brand)

Tk. 11,330Tk. 19,800

3Tx10M Chain Block / Pulley (Vital Brand)

Tk. 17,500

5T x 3/5M with double Chain Block (Vital Brand)

Tk. 11,330Tk. 13,063

5Tonx10Meter Electric Chain Hoist With Motor Trolley 4Way

Tk. 250,000

5Tx10M with double Chain Block (Vital Brand)

Tk. 18,500

60Litre Zinc Coating Shopping Trolley

Tk. 5,500

Caster PP Wheel 2″ (Moving + Break) 2″

Tk. 75

Caster Wheel (Rubber Wheel) 4″ – 6″

Tk. 121Tk. 355

Caster Wheel Big Rubber 6″ – 8″

Tk. 900Tk. 1,150

Caster Wheel Moving (Nylon Wheel) 1.5″ – 5″

Tk. 73Tk. 470

Eco Friendly Super Market Trolley Red

Tk. 1,950

Electric Mini Wire Rope Hoist 20 Mtr (1000Kg) winch

Tk. 25,000

Electric Mini Wire Rope Hoist 20 Mtr (500Kg) winch

Tk. 15,000

Electric Mini Wire Rope Hoist 20 Mtr (800Kg) winch

Tk. 18,500

Extra Wheel for Wheel Barrow

Tk. 1,000

Fabric Carrying Trolley – HFCTM-201

Tk. 13,500 per pc

Fastening Clip for wire rope and such 32mm MS Steel Galvanized

Tk. 280Tk. 680 Per Pc

Flat Polyester Webbing Sling 5/6/8/10 Meter Lifting Belt

Tk. 481Tk. 22,022

Galvanized FS Wire – 32mm

Tk. 424 Per Feet

Garments Cutting Input Trolley – HCITM-201

Tk. 8,375 per pc

Hand Pallet Trolley 3Ton/3000kg, HEAVY DUTY, Fork Size- 1220mmx685mm

Tk. 26,500

Hand Pallet Trolley 5Ton/5000kg, HEAVY DUTY, Fork Size- 1220mmx685mm

Tk. 55,000

Hand Pallet Trolley, 2Ton/2000kg, Small Fork Size: 585mmx1150mm

Tk. 20,000

Hand Pallet Trolley, 3Ton/3000kg, Fork Size:1220mmx685mm

Tk. 26,500

Hand Stacker 2TON 1.6MTR

Tk. 85,000

Hand Trolley for load carry or movement

Tk. 3,000

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bottle Jack – 20 Ton

Tk. 6,500

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bottle Jack – 30 Ton

Tk. 10,500

Hydraulic Drum Barrel Lifter Trolley 300 Kg

Tk. 28,500

Hydraulic Floor Jack 10 Ton Brand INGCO – HLFJ1001

Tk. 62,500

Hydraulic Floor Jack 2 Ton Brand INGCO – HFJ201

Tk. 3,250

Hydraulic Floor Jack 3 Ton Brand INGCO – HFJ302

Tk. 6,250

Hydraulic Floor Jack 3 Ton Suitable for SUV car Brand INGCO – HFJ301

Tk. 8,250

Hydraulic Floor Jack 5 Ton Brand INGCO – HLFJ0501

Tk. 42,500

Lever Pulley / Block 1.5T 1.5MTR (Brand Vital)

Tk. 7,500

Lever Pulley / Block 1.5Ton  3MTR (Vital Brand)

Tk. 8,500

Lever Pulley / Block 3T 3MTR (Brand Vital)

Tk. 10,315

Lever Pulley / Block 3Ton 1.5Mtr (Brand Vital)

Tk. 9,500

Lever Pulley / Block 6Ton 1.5MTR (Brand Vital)

Tk. 12,375

Lever Pulley / Block 6Ton 3MTR (Brand Vital)

Tk. 16,500

Lifting Webbing Sling Belt Load 2Ton 2/3/4/5/6 Meter China Light

Tk. 320Tk. 900

Machine Carring Trolley – HMCTM-201

Tk. 8,000

Magnet Lifter 400kg 600kg 1000kg 2000kg

Tk. 8,500Tk. 36,000

Manual Trolley (2Ton)

Tk. 6,000

Manual Trolley (3Ton)

Tk. 7,500

Manual Trolley (5 Ton)

Tk. 12,500

Mechanical Jack – China

Tk. 6,500Tk. 8,000 Per Pc

Platform Trolley 150KG for Handling Loads

Tk. 3,800

Platform Trolley 300kg for handling HEAVY

Tk. 4,500

Portable Manual Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Trolley 300KG

Tk. 48,000

Steel Wire Rope – 20mm Dia

Tk. 430 Per Feet

Steel Wire Rope SS – 16mm Dia

Tk. 378 Per Meter