Power Tools Price in Bangladesh

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1.5-13mm Drill Key Chuck Brand INGCO – KC1301

Tk. 240

100mm 715w (4″) Angle Grinder Brand Hikoki PDA100m

Tk. 5,600

100W 150mm Glue Gun Brand INGCO – GG148

Tk. 500

1050W Electric Wrench Brand DCA -APB30

Tk. 24,200

1100W Combination Hammer BOSCH GBH 5-40D

Tk. 49,150

1150W Magnetic Drill Machine Makita HB500

Tk. 151,250

125mm 320W Rotary Sander Brand INGCO – RS3208

Tk. 3,450

12V Cordless Drill Double Battery (E Type) Brand Dongcheng Model (DCJZ09-10)

Tk. 6,825

12V Cordless Drill Double Battery Brand Dongcheng Model (DCJZ10-10)

Tk. 6,510

12V Rod Winding Machine

Tk. 24,000

13mm Impact Drill 1010W Brand Total – TG111136

Tk. 4,000

13mm Impact Drill 680W Brand Total – TG1061356

Tk. 2,350

13mm Impact Drill 750w Brand Total – TG108136

Tk. 2,950

13mm Impact Drill 850W Brand Total – TG109136

Tk. 3,300

14.4V Cordless Driver Drill (Type EM) Brand Dongcheng Model (DCJZ18-10)

Tk. 6,825

1400W Circular Saw BOSCH GKS 140 CHINA

Tk. 10,255

1400W Circular Saw BOSCH GKS 190 CHINA

Tk. 13,388

1500W Demolition Hammer Drill Machine (Malaysia) Brand HiKOKI – H60ME

Tk. 56,250

1500W Magnetic Core Drill Machine Brand DCA – AJC23

Tk. 34,980

16 Liter Backpack Sprayer Manual

Tk. 1,200

1700W Demolition Hammer Bosch (SDS Max) GSH 11 VC Germany

Tk. 96,591

1700W Model: GCM 10MX Mitre Saw BOSCH China

Tk. 32,120

1710W Circular Saw Machine (China) Brand HiKOKI – C7ST

Tk. 11,500

18″ 445mm Gasoline Chain Saw Brand INGCO – GCS5451811

Tk. 11,875

1800W Diamond Core Drill 130mm With Water Source Brand DCA – AZZ02-130

Tk. 17,600

1800W Diamond Drill With Water Source Brand DCA – AZZ02-160

Tk. 9,240

1800W Table Saw BOSCH GTS 10 J Taiwan

Tk. 84,310

180mm (7″) 2600 Watt Large Disc Grinder with Trigger Switch G18SEY

Tk. 16,900

180mm 2200W Large Angle Grinder HiKoki G 18SW2

Tk. 12,700

18V Cordless Brushless Rotary Hammer Brand DCA- ADZC02-24 (Type -E)

Tk. 28,600

18V Cordless Impact Wrench Brand DCA -ADPB20(Type-F)

Tk. 38,500

19mm 3/4″ Air Impact Wrench Brand Total -TAT40342

Tk. 12,600

2 ft. Metal Shovel with Wooden Handle For Gardening (D Shape)

Tk. 500

20″ WORKSITE 52cc Gasoline Chain Saw

Tk. 12,500

2000W Diamond Drill With Water Source Brand DCA – AZZ02-180

Tk. 12,100

2000W Hot Air Gun BOSCH GHG 20-63 Romania

Tk. 10,769

20mm Diamond Core Drill Bit

Tk. 1,500

2100W Circular Saw BOSCH GKS 235 China

Tk. 19,960

22″ Chain saw Blade 2400W 3000rpm China Non branded

Tk. 9,800

22″ Gasoline Chain Saw Brand Commander – 5800

Tk. 12,000

220V Electric Planer Brand Boss BS-EP8201

Tk. 1,800

24″ Gasoline Chain Saw Brand INGCO – GCS5602411

Tk. 18,300

24″ WORKSITE Chain Saw Engine body only

Tk. 6,500

250W Bench Grinder Brand Makita GB602

Tk. 11,825

3.2 mm Mini Grinder 130W Brand Total – TG501032

Tk. 2,400

3000W Electric Cut off Machine Brand DCA -A3JG03-400

Tk. 28,600

300mm Lithium-Ion Grass Trimmer Brand INGCO CGTLI20018

Tk. 3,750

300mm Lithium-Ion Grass Trimmer Brand INGCO CGTLI20018 With Battery & Charger

Tk. 6,550

3500W Diamond Core Drill 200mm With Water Source Brand DCA – AZZ02-200S

Tk. 34,100

3800W Diamond Core Drill 250mm With Water Source Brand DCA – AZZ250

Tk. 37,400

4″ 100mm Angle Grinder 1010W Brand INGCO – AG10108-2

Tk. 3,375

4″ 100mm Angle Grinder 750W Brand INGCO – AG750282

Tk. 2,250

4″ 100mm Angle Grinder 900W Brand INGCO – AG900282

Tk. 2,490

4″ 100mm STANLEY 900W Angle Grinder STGS9100-B9

Tk. 4,180

4″ 100mm WORKSITE 1000W Angle Grinder

Tk. 1,300

4″ 100mm WORKSITE 710W Angle Grinder

Tk. 1,687

4″ Angle Grinder 1020W Brand: DCA Model: ASM10-100 with Variable Speed

Tk. 3,750

4″ Angle Grinder 840W MAKITA – 9556PBG

Tk. 6,220

4″ BOSCH 750W Angle Grinder GWS 750-100 China

Tk. 4,520

4″ BOSCH Angle Grinder GWS 6-100 S China

Tk. 4,330