Circular Saw Price In Bangladesh

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1400W Circular Saw BOSCH GKS 140 CHINA

Tk. 10,255

1400W Circular Saw BOSCH GKS 190 CHINA

Tk. 13,388

1710W Circular Saw Machine (China) Brand HiKOKI – C7ST

Tk. 11,500

2100W Circular Saw BOSCH GKS 235 China

Tk. 19,960

Black & Decker 7-1/4″ Portable Circular Saw with Blade 1400W CS1004

Tk. 7,000

Circular Saw 2100W Brand Ken Model: 5609NA

Tk. 10,846

Circular Saw Machine 1400W Brand Total – TS11418526

Tk. 5,000

Circular Saw Machine 180mm 1100W Brand Dongcheng Model (DMY-185)

Tk. 5,565

Circular Saw Machine 2200W Brand Total – TS1222356

Tk. 9,900

Circular Saw Machine 235mm 1520W Brand Dongcheng Model (DMY-235)

Tk. 7,665

Circular Saw Machine 235mm 2000W Brand Dongcheng Model (DMY02-235)

Tk. 9,041

Circular Saw Machine 64mm 1100W Brand Dongcheng Model (DMY-185S)

Tk. 5,775

Circular Saw Machine 64mm 1100W Brand Dongcheng Model (DMY02-185)

Tk. 6,174

Circular Saw Machine 64mm 1400W Dongcheng Model (DMY03-185S)

Tk. 6,615

Circular Saw Machine 7 ⅟₄” 185x20mm 1200W Brand INGCO – CS18518

Tk. 4,125

Circular Saw Machine 9 ⅟₄” 235x25mm 2200W Brand INGCO – CS2358

Tk. 10,000

Crown 110mm Marble Saw 1200W 13000RPM CT15081

Tk. 5,980

Crown 185mm Circular Saw 1200W 5500RPM CT15074

Tk. 6,095

Crown 185mm Circular Saw 1500W 5500RPM CT15077

Tk. 6,615

Crown 235mm Circular Saw 1800W 4800RPM CT15119

Tk. 10,625

Crown 235mm Circular Saw 2000W 4500RPM CT15210

Tk. 11,040

Lithium-Lon Circular Saw With Battery 20V Brand Total – TSLI1401

Tk. 8,900

Table Saw Machine 1400W 150mm Dongcheng Model (DFF02-150)

Tk. 14,175